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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Enticing Buyers to Want Your Home

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Pick a market – any market and chances are you will find there is far more inventory on hand than there are buyers.  The hardest hit in our current real estate industry are homeowners trying to sell their homes in the midst of all the competition.  But there are a few things you can do to stand out in the crowd, making buyers instantly want your house over other homes.  By following our four tips below, you will find that your home will generate more interest, you’ll likely receive more offers than others and when it comes time to sell, you will get a better price. 

Repair, Renovate and Remodel
Spend some time, energy and money fixing up the areas in your home that you have tended to in years.  So often homeowners neglect to repair small nuances or take on the expense to manage larger issues but if you do not take care of these things prior to listing your home the consequences can be severe.  If buyers come across faulty structure, inadequate insulation, malfunctioning systems or even smaller issues – it will result in an instant turnoff and cost you the potential sale. 

Take time to survey all that may need to be done in the home. We recommend hiring a general contractor or an inspector to learn of potential issues that would also come up during the buyers’ inspection later on.  Based on the outcome, decide what you can afford to have repaired or redone.  You may want to consult with your Realtor for some advice on what areas would be more valuable to buyers.

De-clutter, Remove Personalization, Clean Up
Given that there are so many choices out there for buyers, unless the space is clean and clear of extra clutter and until they can see the home for its offerings, there is a good chance buyers would pass up the home and move on to the next.  Keep in mind that buyers are imagining living in the space and would like to be able to visualize their own belongings in the home.  Rather than allow your personal items to distract them, take measures to provide clean lines, open spaces and simple décor. 

Maintain a Neutral Color Palette
Most prospective buyers (and sellers) know from watching reruns of House Hunters on HGTV, that redoing most cosmetic changes in a home is the least expensive of renovations needed in setting up a new home. However, it remains to be one of the most distracting aspects while searching for the perfect home.  Though wallpaper can be changed buyers do not want to have to contend with it.  Similarly, the last thing they want to have to do is repaint bold colors with a color more suited to their own tastes.  The easiest way to deal with this and something that can be done in one weekend is to paint your walls in neutral tones like a light beige. This will allow buyers to visualize their own customization while appealing to almost anyone.

Present Your Home With Modern, Updated Décor
Almost all buyers these days expect to be “wowed” and that usually comes from walking through homes with wide-open spaces, clean floors or carpet, modern neutral color palettes and fresh, inviting décor. Whether you revamp the décor with a trip to the local import store or hire a professional home stager to help get you set up to sell, it is essential that your home be appealing and attractive by today’s standards.  Mismatched appliances or countertops that went out of style two decades ago are details that can jeopardize your sale and even end up in getting no offers at all.  Browse the Internet to get ideas and incorporate small but impactful changes that will make buyers wish they were already living in the space.
As professionals in the real estate industry, we come across homes on a daily basis and equally interact with buyers very frequently.  One of the best things you can do is to consult with your agent, maybe ask him or her to walk through your home and offer a critique on some of the areas that could use some updating.  It doesn’t take much but by following these tips you will be able to take down that  “For Sale” sign and have the pleasure of putting up a “SOLD” sign!

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