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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Housing Market Rebound on the Horizon in Southern California – Great Time to Buy AND Sell!

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Now you won’t hear this too often but these days, it’s very much a reality; buyers and sellers both have a great market environment right now in the real estate industry. Not only do we have the fantastic news of a 3-year high in sales but also our homes values are on the rise to a significant level.

This October marked the highest number of sales that we have had in three years! At a time when our housing market has gone through a lot of ups and downs, the fact that we are seeing a rebound is very promising, particularly in Southern California.

But why is this happening?
The answer is simple.

With interest rates at their all time, historic lows – buyers are eager to lock them in and have been shopping to avail the opportunity. This comes despite the holiday season. Furthermore, we have more buyers on hand than we typically see during this season. Combine these two factors with our existing low inventory of homes and you have a win-win combination for all those involved.

Sellers can expect to earn top dollar on the sale of their home given current market conditions and buyers have much to look forward to with the amazing financing programs out there plus phenomenal interest rates.
If you would like to explore buying or selling a home – contact me today! I am happy to help and look forward to making your real estate goals become a reality. 

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